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Automated Snack Packaging Machines

Post Time:  2018-1-8

Automated Snack Packaging Machines

People love snacks. From salty, tasty potato chips to healthy granola and jerky products, snacks are a staple of modern diets. Packaging nuts, cereals, and snack foods efficiently can be demanding. Different product blends, bag sizes and weights mean many changeovers and adjustments must be made between runs.

Fortunately, LinPack Packaging Machines feature tool free changeovers and onboard storage for up to 100 product recipes.

Producing the same product continuously or switching from one to another in succession is no problem for a LinPack machine. Your snack food packaging operations will run more efficiently with a low maintenance, lean changeover LinPack machine in place.

Cereal, Nuts & Snacks Machine


Pouch Type :

Lightweight, protective and easily customizable, flexible packaging is the wave of the future. A LinPack snack packaging machine can put your snack foods, nuts, or cereal into an attractive bag with zipper top.

Use one machine to pack tortilla chips in large bags, almonds in sturdy quad seal bags and upscale gourmet jerky snacks in Doypacks without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Consumers love the user friendly features of flexible packaging and producers are pleased with the lower production and shipping costs. LinPack’s flexible snack food packaging machines integrate with scales, various fillers and other ancillary equipment to create a fully automated snack food packaging system.


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