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How can packaging automation help keep my product fresh?

Post Time:  2019-1-11

1. Gas flushing 气体置换
For food and beverage products, nitrogen is most often used to decrease the amount of ambient oxygen within that package, as this gas can increase the rate of product spoilage. Nitrogen gas flush is a MAP option that many of our clients use. This can occur inside the package itself as well as in the steps leading up to packaging, like inside the filling apparatus. During this process, nitrogen gas is actively pumped in to displace oxygen. The FDA reports that this accomplishes three things:

· Displacement of oxygen to delay oxidation

· Decreasing the growth of aerobic spoilage organisms

· Acting as a filler to maintain package conformity


2. Barrier packaging films 阻隔包装膜
Choosing specific packaging films that provide increased protection is another example of modified atmosphere packaging. This is accomplished by using barrier packaging materials that provide decreased permeability to moisture and oxygen, such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polyvinylchloride (PVC) or polypropylene (PP), according to FDA. New on the market are 'smart' packaging films that can contain indicators of temperature, leakage, food quality, and more. 

3. Scavenger or desiccant packs 清除剂、干燥剂
Another example of MAP is the addition of an oxygen scavenger or desiccant pack to your packaging. According to BAKERY ONLINE, these small sachet type packages often contain a mixture of iron powder and ascorbic acid, and sometimes activated carbon. These ingredients act as catalysts or activators, absorbing ambient moisture and oxygen, thereby removing it from the interior of the packaging thathouses the perishable product.

4. On-package valves  封装阀门
One-way valves added to the exterior of packaging are another example of MAP. These special valves can be added to rollstock film during the packaging process. ONE-WAY VALVES allow certain gases to escape from the package without allowing any outside gases in. This is often done to release pressure created from gases the products release, but can also be done to allow air to escape from packages for better stacking and palletization.




MAPModified Atmosphere Packaging 气调包装

How does modified atmosphere packaging protect food?

Largely, modified atmosphere packaging technologies protect fresh food by decreasing its exposure to oxygen. Oxygen leads to oxidation, which can cause discoloration, spoilage, and off-flavors and textures.  By decreasing or controlling the amount of oxygen present in a package, the food product remains fresher longer, extending its shelf life and ensuring it remains attractive to consumers.

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