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How does 8-station automatic pouch packing machine work

Post Time:  2018-12-7

With the prosperity of technology, automatic pouch packing machines are becoming more and more popular in recent years for their high-efficiency, space-saving and aesthetic design.


Whether you are considering to purchase a new rotary packing machine, or you are a freshman to bag-given packing machine, today, we will learn how this machine operate together, starting from its 8 work station.


1. Bag giving/pouch loading

Preformed bags are loaded at the bag magazine by the operator, and bags are conveyed to the machine by pouch transfer. Then suckers that powered by the vacuum pump put the pouch to the clip.

At the first station, Lin-Pack has two bag giving methods, vertical bag giving and horizontal bag giving. Horizontal bag giving is usually used in zipper pouch.


2. Date coding

If you want date print, Lin-Pack machine will finish it at this station. Date coding or date spraying can be choose at this step. If you want date spraying, Lin-Pack can provide spraying support to you.

For zipper pouch, zipper opening will be finished at this step. Lin-Pack proprietary servo motor opening system has greatly improved efficiency. The ratio of zipper opening more then 99%.


3. Pouch opening (top and bottom)

Suckers powered by vacuum pump will open the bag. If it is stand-up bag, then bottom suckers will be engaged to open the bottom part of bag. 


4. Product filling and vibrating

Solid and granule product is dropped down a bag hopper into the bag, usually by a multi-head scale. For powder material, auger filler and conveyor will used. As for Liquid, material is pumped into pouch by liquid filler.


5. Product filling and vibrating 2

If another material are needed to be filled into the same bag, then this station will meet your needs. It usually be water and sauce. Also product pushing, buffering and nitrogen filling are designed at this step. How to choose this work station depend on customers requirement.


6. Stretch straightening (zipper closing)

Cylinder pat flat is used to squeeze air before sealing. And Lin-Pack uses procimity switch to check whether the material is filled into bag.

If your bag is zipper bag, zipper will be closed at here.


7.  Heat sealing-Net sealing

A hot seal bar closes on the upper part of the bag. Using heat and pressure, the sealant layers of the preformed bag are bonded together to make a strong seam.

Lin-pack usually use two kinds of heat sealing methods to seal pouch. Straight sealing and net sealing.


8. Net heat sealing and product output

This is the last step for packing, net sealing. To be more solid and beautiful, Net sealing is adopted. After finishing heat sealing, finished bags are discharged onto a conveyor and can be transported to downline equipment like check weighers.


In short, packing machine replaces the work of people. And it is more standardizing and high efficient. Automatic pouch packing machine can liberate human beings and save our energy and time. 

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